King Oyster Mushrooms

We made our passion for mushrooms a gourmet work of art!
King oyster mushrooms have an umami taste & give us gourmet dishes for discerning palates!


Dried King Oyster Mushrooms … a king in your kitchen!
Dried mushrooms are the easiest way to give your dishes a pure mushroom taste – when you don’t have fresh ones in your fridge!
The dried King Oyster Mushrooms from Mushrooms’ Art is 100% greek. We grow and dry them at our urban farm in Thessaloniki.
They are more nutritious (rich in fiber & protein) and tastier than any canned mushroom, since they do not contain preservatives.

King Oyster Mushrooms & vitamin D
King Oyster Mushrooms are the natural solution to increasing vitamin D levels! In addition, research proves that thanks to their exposure to ultraviolet light before harvesting, the amount of the vitamin increases (sometimes the increase reaches 50%).

Instructions for Use
Soak the dried King Oyster Mushrooms in hot water for 15′, so that their volume increases. We keep the flavor-packed water they soaked in, using it & in our other recipes.
#TastyTip Soak in wine or cognac for a stronger taste!

Alternatively, we use dried King Oyster Mushrooms as a spice. Grind in the food processor & with the powder we create add flavor to soups, risotto, pasta sauces, vegetable stuffing, etc.

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