Coconut Soy Candle | Caramel | Y 10cm Diameter 11cm 400gr

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Soy candle in a natural smooth coconut shell

With caramel scent 

Coconut Soy Candle | Tropical Fruits | Y 10cm Διάμετρος 11cm 400g

Weight 0.400 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 11 cm


Soy candle in a natural smooth coconut shell With caramel scent

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✨ Spread eco light! ✨

♦ Handmade soy candle in a natural coconut shell bowl
♦ Caramel scented
♦ Each Coconut Soy Candle has +40 burning hours

Fill your space with sweet light and an exotic aroma absolutely… naturally!

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🥥 Because it is the ultimate home trend that also introduces us to healthy and sustainable living! 🥥
It is eco friendly
It is 100% natural product
It is zero waste

The Coconut Soy Candle is the most sustainable decoration proposal since the Coconut Bowl in which the candle is contained is reusable!

💡 When the candle burns out you can refill it. Alternatively, the Coconut Bowl can be used as a storage bowl or planter!


* Its use for food is not recommended.

Before each use:
Clean the wooden wick with a soft cloth, removing any burnt wax residue.

✔️ Place the Coconut Soy Candle on a stable surface
✔️ Do not move the Coconut Soy Candle when it is lit or hot
✔️ Extinguish the Coconut Soy Candle as soon as it reaches 1cm above its end

❗ Do not let the candle:
♦ burn unattended
♦ burn for more than 3 hours continuously
♦ lit near combustible objects
♦ on sensitive surfaces, as the coconut shell can sweat

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