Silk Cocoons

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Shine & deep cleaning

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Silk Cocoons

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🗯️ Ancient beauty routine from the geishas of Japan

The Silk Cocoons:
Gently exfoliate the skin, removing dead cells & leaving a glow and velvety texture.
Contribute to the treatment of acne, oiliness & soothe redness.
Act anti-aging by preventing the destruction of collagen & prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

They are dermatologically tested | Paraben free

* Για λόγους υγιεινής, τα κουκούλια μεταξιού δεν επιστρέφονται.

Because silk cocoons give the purest care!
They remove dead cells in a natural way, without injuring the skin. They hydrate and contribute to cell regeneration, giving soft & silky skin!
They are rich in sericin [a non-essential amino acid] which has the ability to bind the skin’s natural moisture & bind collagen fibers together. In addition, it stimulates cell proliferation. It has the same composition as the glycoprotein of the skin, resulting in its immediate absorption.
They are an eco & sustainable choice as they do not contain chemicals, are completely natural products & reusable.

Due to their natural composition, they may differ in shape, color, or size | They are suitable for all skin types*.

* Ideal for dehydrated, mature or rough textured skin.

  1. Soak the silk cocoons in warm water (about 40℃) for about 5′-6′. You can also add a few drops of medicinal herbs (nettle, chamomile, calendula) for even better results.
  2. Apply them to your fingers & massage with gentle movements, giving greater emphasis to the most stressed areas.
  3. After application, use a moisturizer according to your skin type.

! The silk cocoons in the water may have a peculiar smell, however, this is normal.

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