Medical & Nutrition Department

The complete experience from intake of our products is based on the personalised information of use given by our medical and nutrition department


Medical Department

Specialised doctors offer their knowledge aiming in the optimisation of results from the intake of the Spiroulina PLATENSIS products.

The necessity of the existence of the medical department of our company, is due to the fact that many of our consumers receive medications for several health issues.

Spiroulina PLATENSIS’s Medical department:

  • Controls the administration of the Spiroulina PLATENSIS products in cooperation with other medications
  • Answers medical enquiries related to Spiroulina PLATENSIS
  • Scientifically justifies the existence of the essential nutrients of the Spiroulina PLATENSIS
  • Is under research for the results of the administration of the products of Spiroulina PLATENSIS in correlation with the specific features and needs of each organism
  • Registers the scientific papers and uploads summaries of clinical studies with the correlated bibliography.

For personal instructions of use fill out the Health Questionnaire here


Nutrition Department

The nutrition department is responsible for giving advice relating losing and maintaining weight as Spiroulina PLATENSIS contributes in metabolism control.

The nutrition department, offers advice in people who exercise as Spiroulina PLATENSIS contributes in improving athletic performance

Lastly the nutrition department, offers detailed and personalised information for administration of the products for special categories such as vegetarians or regarding raw food diet.


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