Gluten free cookies with cereal and Spiroulina flakes

Τρία μπισκότα με δημητριακά και καρπούς

Cookies are among other our favourite sweet. These cookies are suitable for those with gluten intolerance. Easy, fast and nutrient due to the tahini and Spiroulina flakes!

Difficulty: Easy
Time required: 45′
Portions: 25 Cookies
Calories per serving: 72,5 kcal


  • 50 ml milk 2% fat
  • 1 egg
  • 60g honey
  • 80g tahini
  • 1 vanilla
  • 200g grated almonds
  • 30g cacao powder
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 5 tablespoons Spiroulina flakes


  1. In a blender add all fluid ingredients.
  2. In another bowl add all the solid ingredients and mix
  3. Take the second bowl with the solid ingredient and pour into the blender carefully.
  4. A dough is made which is easy to shape
  5. Cut the dough in small balls, shape them and place them in a baking pan.
  6. Put a wax paper in the baking pan and place your cookies there
  7. In a prewarm oven cooking at 180 degrees for 5-6 minutes and then turn the dough from the other side so it can be cooked in both sides.
  8. Don’t leave the cookies in the oven because they will be overcooked.
  9. When cooled you can place them in a glass vessel. Should be consumed within a week

Bon appetite!


Products that were used in the recipe:


*We would like to thank Stauroula Gounari, a Clinical Dietician MSc

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