Best workout tips

Δύο μαύρα βαράκια και λάστιχο σε ξύλινο πάτωμα

Ending the first week of 2021, take a deep breath, put on your gym clothes and start exercising!

5 tips for right exercise!

Start exercising step-by-step!
You do not need to test your endurance from the very first attempts of training! You will not do countless crunches or jumping jacks! Make your schedule and focus on a different muscle group each day.

Warm up properly!
Put your favorite music on and before you ‘get on the ground’, do a good warm up doing some running on the spot, stretches & squats.

Combine aerobics & strengthening
Begin by doing a dynamic aerobic program for the first 10 minutes in order to warm up your muscles and then continue to your main workout for strengthening.

Do exercises for whole body
A dynamic workout helps to train every muscle in your body. So, you can do exercises for flat stomach, biceps and triceps, legs & of course exercises for hips, however the whole body ‘works’!*

Finish your program with stretches
It’s the most wronged part of training, since most of us miss it! It is, however, extremely important as by doing the stretches we avoid injuries and grips.

Last Minute Tip
Before you start and half an hour after you finish your product, take Spiroulina PLATENSIS, which contains essential nutrients for every athlete such as protein, electrolytes (potassium and sodium), calcium, magnesium and amino acids & it

    • Provides high levels of energy and endurance
    • Delays fatigue during the exercise
    • Helps the body to restore after intense exercise
    • Contributes to detoxification of the body.

For perfect results in exercise, follow the tips & add Spiroulina PLATENSIS!

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