Why should you buy Spiroulina PLATENSIS eco products?

Τραπέζι με μία bamboo οδοντόβουρτσα, δύο vovonut bowls, bamboo καλαμάκια, bamboo οδοντόβουρτσα

We make the change! Follow us in our vision for a better planet! You will find many reasons!

Eco-products by Spiroulina PLATENSIS

Bamboo straw with its cleaning brush
They are completely organic, 100% sustainable products & biodegradable. Why do they stand out? Because they come in a Pouch made of natural burlap (Juta) that is used as a protection & transport case, to have it everywhere with you!
#info With 6 Bamboo straws a year, the planet gets rid of 450 disposable plastic straws!

Coconut Bowl
It is eco-friendly since it is a 100% natural & sustainable product. Plus, they’re stylish & vegan! Why buy it? Because it is ideal for every meal: acai breakfast, serving cereals & nuts, salads and everything else you can imagine! Enjoy your food … naturally!
#info With Coconut Bowls the volume of plastic waste is reduced with a natural alternative.

Bamboo Toothbrush
It is ecological since it is plastic-free & 100% biodegradable, with high-quality DuPont fibers without bisphenol A (BPA). Also, it is a zero waste product!
#info Using the Bamboo toothbrush you contribute directly to reducing the use of plastics, protecting habitats, biodiversity, and oceans!

Coconut cutlery
Knife, fork, and spoon made of coconut! Why? Because they are 100% biodegradable, reusable & very durable. They are zero waste because they are made from palm trees that no longer bear fruit!

Discover your eco side with eco-friendly products Spiroulina PLATENSIS!

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