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Hellenic Spirulina Net was established in 2007 aiming to produce spirulina of high quality. It’s a new company in the field of healthy nutrition, introducing novel ideas and products and possessing ecological orientation.

Our company sets quality as its primary target, which can be ensured by the construction of our pioneered production units in Northern Greece (Thermopigi and Therma of Nigrita in Serres). The famous geothermal field of the area of Serres and the abundant Greek sun play a crucial role in the production of high quality spirulina.

 Our company’s facilities consist of two greenhouses covering a total area of ten thousand square meters and are equipped with latest technology machines and equipments. Greek Spirulina Net is the most rapidly developing Greek company of spirulina production.

 We are investing on spirulina because we believe in spirulina!

 All the processing stages, from the production to the packing, are performed in Greece, so the consumer is aware of the origin and the quality of the product that he consumes.

Our vision is to inform as many people as possible about these amazing microalgae and their beneficial properties. Furthermore, spirulina cultivation is considered to be one of the most promising cultivations around the world.

Our partners are people who believed in the product from the beginning of this attempt and thanks to their efforts our company has been investing on spirulina research over the last three years.

 Greek Spirulina Net vouches for the high quality of spirulina that produces and distributes.

Spirulina Platensis από το Δίκτυο Ελληνικής Σπιρουλίνας

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