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Recommended Daily Intake of Spiroulina platensis powder and tablets
  • Spiroulina Platensis Powder

Adults can take 3g of spirulina (one sachet) per day, dissolved in fruit juice, milk or water. Spirulina powder can be mixed in salads or vegetables.

Children can take 1,5g (half a sachet) of spirulina per day.

  • Spiroulina Platensis Tablets

Adults can take 3g of spirulina (6 tablets) per day, dissolved in fruit juice, milk or water.

Children can take 1,5g (3 tablets) of spirulina per day.

In our effort to help you maximize the effects of SP-SPIROULINA Platensis, you are kindly requested to fill out a short health questionnaire. As soon as we receive it, we will process the data and provide you with personal instructions for the daily intake of our products (product type - dosage – frequency of use).

Fill out the Health Questionnaire by Spiroulina Platensis


! Spirulina must be kept safe from light and air, in a dry and cool place. It must not be heated in temperatures above 40oC, as it contains several thermosensitive nutrients, such as vitamins and proteins, which can be destructed if exposed in high temperatures.

! For the reasons explained above, spirulina ought to be consumed raw (never boil or cook).

!Spirulina contains phenylalanine, therefore, it should not be consumed from people suffering from phenylketonuria.

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