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Production and guality for safety and healthy nutrition of children and adults

Spirulina Net has constructed pioneer, ecologically oriented production units in Northern Greece (Thermopigi and Therma of Nigrita in Serres). Spiroulina platensis is cultivated under totally controlled conditions, ensuring the great quality of the product, in a total area of ten thousand square meters.

For its growth, spirulina needs an aquatic and alkaline environment and utilizes the solar energy and the atmospheric carbon dioxide. Spirulina cultivation takes place in protected pools, eliminating, thus, pollution problems due to external factors, such as insects, dust, rain etc. Furthermore, no pesticides, herbicides, preservatives or genetically modified microorganisms are being used during spirulina cultivation.

The high quality of the final product is assured by the continuous control of the whole process. More specifically, the quality control of the nutrients and the water used is very important. Special attention is paid to the water used, which has to be free of heavy metals and microrganisms, as it is known that algae have the ability to bioaccumulate large amounts of heavy metals found in their aquatic environment. The quality control of water, nutrients and final products vouches for the great quality of the spirulina produced and designates its consumption safety for adults and children.

The natural way of cultivation in combination with the geothermal field of the area of Serres and the abundant Greek sun, as well as the contemporary technological methods used, the process control of the culture at all the stages and the quality control of the final products contribute to the production of high quality spirulina.

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